Strategic Thrust Areas


International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP)

Matryzel’s CEO holds key strategic roles with the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP), a global standard-setting organization for the global sourcing marketplace, as stated here: Global Ambassador; Member – Strategic Advisory Board; Chairman – Pacific Rim Advisory Board; Member – Advocacy & Outreach Board; Authorized COP Instructor.

Further, to serve the entire Outsourcing Ecosystem and increase synergies between outsourcing service provider, customer and advisory companies and certifications within the OPCF, IAOP works globally with national/ regional associations and agencies in collaborative endeavors aimed at enhancing global sourcing competencies worldwide.

Member – Executive Advisory Board, TriSCA Initiative

TriSCA is a strategic initiative whose foundation rests on shared objectives to build a strategic alliance amongst key global cities across multiple continents. The intent is to create a world reference in sourcing excellence, that would in turn be compelling enough to attract the major global sourcing providers to the cities. The intent is such providers would in turn create employment opportunities for over a million people in the industry, reaching a total revenue of U$ 20 billion combined by 2020. Matryzel’s CEO Bobby Varanasi sits on the Executive Advisory Board that governs and manages the implementation of this key strategic initiative that has the full support of respective city governments.

Member – African Advisory Board, AITEC Africa

Matryzel’s CEO is a member of AITEC, a sub-Saharan Africa based organization that is focused on ICT sector development, publishing, and market education through leveraging the internet and other technology-enabled channels. Emphasis of this Board is on creating and implementing various education and knowledge platforms for the young workforce in the region to leverage new-age industries and create socio-economic value, jobs and sustainable growth.

Member – Executive Board, Global Sourcing Council,

Matryzel’s CEO is a Board Member of the Global Sourcing Council headquartered in New York. The GSC focuses on Sustainable & Socially Responsible Sourcing initiatives where the emphasis is on building and growing entities and individuals that focus on “profit with purpose”, thereby alleviating global issues. The GSC is a partner to the United Nations and supports the UN Global Compact. Our intent is to identify, recognize and support initiatives of organizations that reflect the principles of sustainability and social responsibility with sourcing.

Executive Leadership – Malaysia Australia Business Council

Matryzel works closely with MABC, an industry body founded to establish and enhance bilateral collaboration between Malaysian and Australian companies across a multitude of sectors. Emphasis is placed on partnerships, cross-border linkages, sharing and leveraging intellectual property, expanding into new markets, building new products and services.

Member, Advisory Board– World BO/ITO Forum

Matryzel is on the Advisory Board for the World BPO/ITO Forum, founded in New York as an enabler organization that brings together thought leaders in the globalization space to create tangible value through technologies, services and modern solutions. The emphasis is on building collaborative platform for countries, companies and professionals to get together in determining mutually beneficial value-aligned service propositions, and sharing best practices.

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