Advisory Frameworks


Frameworks Supporting Our Practices

Advocacy, Outreach & Influencer Relationships

Sourcing & Services Globalization Practice

Excellence Awards

Rigorous structure based on global best practices for recognizing corporates and individuals in the field of sourcing excellence. Comprises over 50 award categories.

Supplier Capability Assessment & Benchmarking

Robust analysis of capabilities of providers across the technology and services spectrum, comprising strategic, tactical and risk-readiness components. Ideal for determining areas to improve within a provider entity.

Demand Analysis

Regular updated insights into nature and shifts in demand for sourcing services, encompassing industry and sub-sector opportunities using the concept of Heat Maps.

Vendor Selection Decision Model

A comprehensive qualitative and quantitative framework for comparing and analyzing capabilities of providers to deliver on competitive sourcing opportunities.


Growth, Expansions & Leadership Practice

Agility Index

A comprehensive index comprising 34 elements that contribute to an organization’s agility, resilience and adaptability to changing business environments. Ideal for corporations to determine areas of improvement within their businesses and partner environments.

Service Portfolio Expansion Readiness

A tool for providers to determine the most appropriate areas to expand their business offerings, aligned rigorously to shifting demand, and competitive landscape.


Socio-Economics & Sustainability Practice

Impact Sourcing Measurement Index

Comprehensive tool to measure effectiveness with IS models, including direct and micro-economic impacts to nations/ marketplace.

Financial Analysis for Social Enterprises

A framework that permits social enterprises to determine capital necessary to operate and build both self-sufficiency and sustainability into their businesses.

Thought Leadership & Custom Research
Professional Development

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