At Matryzel, we understand that each business, each government, face distinctly unique factors that influence various decisions. We also believe that most decisions are taken after a collective assessment of risks, and available opportunities within constraints (both current and historical). That's the reason we take a hands-on approach towards primarily understanding these various influencers - your people, your processes, your business, your industry, and your competitive pressures.

This calls for a very vital need to undertake a 360° assessment of various influencers across organizational hierarchies. More often than not, important decisions have resulted in much diluted results owing to various internal structures (supporting such decisions) not being cohesive enough. We endeavor to understand and "learn" from various points of view, the exact opportunities that exist, and unearth the (hitherto) hidden constraining factors.

An effective strategy is only as good as the "real" impacts and "real" value it can create. More often than not, strategies developed independently of the people who shall be most impacted shall result in non-realization of the benefits that were targeted in the first place. We believe we are enablers of our customers, and a collaborative approach driven by co-creation of the most appropriate solutions helps in two ways. One, the internal organization is more attuned and flexible towards bringing in "reality" to the strategy. Two, the external influencers are more ready to accept such solutions, and put them to the right test.

To this end, we leverage knowledge. Having said that, knowledge has a very short shelf-life these days, therefore calling for more real-time knowledge on industries, markets, global influencers et al. Our capable practitioners are acknowledged globally for their innate ability to not only keep their expertize (and knowledge) current, but also for their ability to continually engage customers, clients and industry influencers in a manner that provides for sustained understanding of the extremely dynamic services globalization marketplace. In addition, our internal research team supports knowledge acquisition on a continuum, providing our practitioners with relevant information and understanding of various industry dynamics.

Our approach towards consulting services rests on our ability to engage with our customers and co-create solutions, that are clearly laid-out, appropriately measurable and sustainable, and can be implemented within quick timelines. We aim to walk our customers through the process of implementation of created solutions, such that projected benefits are "actually realized" in real-terms. Our practitioners are not just consultants, but individuals who have successfully been a part of such global operations and strategic initiatives, thereby giving them the unique "on-the-ground" perspective.