Our Synergistic Practices

Sourcing & Services Globalization Practice
Growth, Expansions & Leadership Practice
Socio-Economics & Sustainability Practice
Custom Research
Professional Development

Enabling internal transformation of organizations through leveraging sourcing and other collaborative models, with emphasis on translating sustained value to customers and stakeholders in an era of globalization and fast-paced marketplace changes.

Enabling external transformation of organizations, building growth through leverage of inorganic models aimed at topline value enhancements, proactive marketplace outreach, cognitive management of customers and building sustained competitiveness.

Enabling governments, civil society and private sector in establishing collaborative profit-with-purpose models to enhance entrepreneurships, build sustainable endeavors, and create socio-economic value through enhanced economic and social inclusion.

Knowledge & thought leadership on markets, services, solutions, business models, approaches to globalize/ localise; develop latent services & innovate for growth.

Policy, strategic and marketing initiatives to accelerate learning and skills transformation of people in growth markets, and involve in delivery of strategic programs.

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30 Aug 2016

Transforming Healthcare and Making Profits

All conversations surrounding healthcare on the planet today are set either in terms of its universality and therefore the responsibility of the State...
30 Jun 2016

It Isn’t About Technology

Business services are usually at the core of organizational endeavors, structured to build and manage a variety of workflows and dependencies in a con...
30 Mar 2016

Battle Lines in the Sourcing World

The sourcing industry can be thought of as one harbinger for new ideas, technologies and solutions that much of the developing world wasn’t privy to...

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